Freebie!! Updated Guided Reading Table Posters

Spring is here and the snow is FINALLY starting to melt here.  I think I might even come out of my igloo and go for a nice walk tomorrow! Okay, so we Canadians don't really live in igloos...but it has been mighty cold the last few months.  How's the weather where you are??

Anyway, in honour of spring I decided to update my guided reading table posters.  I was using some old posters that I had shrunk down into a size that would look nice on my table but I found that they had too many words on them for primary students. So, I made my own set with strategies that I find most helpful for my students and used graphics that I thought would be more appealing than my old ones.

You might wonder why I have posters on my table! I use them during guided reading time or during conferences for when a student gets stuck on a word.  I ask them which strategy they could use to help them solve the tricky word and they refer to the mini posters.  We used them today during guided reading and the kiddos did a great job selecting their strategies!  If you're interested in seeing them Click Here to visit my TPT store and view the thumbnails.

I glued them on to card stock and then laminated them.