The Desk Fairy!

Well Easter weekend was super busy but so much fun for my little family!

Over the weekend I created a new "Desk Fairy" note for my munchkins at school.  We've had issues with messy work spaces lately so I needed to put an end to that.  I found myself having to spend 15 minutes at the end of the day having to tidy the floor and desks off.

So, last week they got their first desk fairy ticket (well some of them did at least!).  They were amazed.  A few of them asked if I was the desk fairy but when I looked as shocked as they were to see the notes and treats they totally bought it!

Some were disappointed that they didn't get anything but immediately started tidying their work areas.  At the end of the day and for the rest of last week the room was spotless!! The Desk Fairy just had to stop in over Easter to leave some treats from them and the new notes that I made up.

Here is a picture of the notes I left and a link to my Desk Fairy Pack.  The pack includes the student notes, an award page and a graphing page.  If you buy this pack please leave a rating/comment for me! Click here to view the Desk Fairy Pack.