My Special Visitor

It's April and surrounding towns are calling a "State of Emergency" due to the severe ice and freezing rain that we had....did I mention it's APRIL!! We are all surprised to hear that the schools were still open despite the severe weather conditions, but off I went!

Half way through the day I found out my own little Munchkin's school was closed. So, I had to rush out to her school to get her and sure enough they had no power at her school due to all the ice.   Her school, along with 17 others had to close mid day! BUT on the bright side my class got a special visitor to come and play with them for the afternoon.  Ava had a blast helping them create the sets for their play (see this post).


  1. That is one awesome school to let your daughter stay for the rest of the day in your class! I bet she loved being with different children. I just followed you!

    Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings

  2. Yes it was nice of them! BUT it was also of benefit to the school because they couldn't get a sub for me. There were so many teachers that couldn't make it to work because of the weather that all of the subs were used up! So it was either let me bring her to school or the principal would be teaching my class! LOL

  3. I am glad to see that they allowed your daughter to come join you! I can't believe the terrible weather you're having. Glad to hear everyone is safe, though. I teach second grade as well and I look forward to reading about your student's plays!

    The Applicious Teacher

  4. That is so sweet. My daughter came home from college early a couple of weeks ago and surprised me in my classroom. I was thrilled, and my kids got to hear about college life. They all want to go now!

    Owl About Us

  5. Well that is fantastic that they all want to go to college!! What grade do you teach?