Hope and Why I love My Job!

The character trait my school is focusing on this month is "Hope".  My little guys got together with their big buddies and began a chart about what we thought hope meant.  The words in blue were done before we watched our video.  Then we watched our video about a homeless family who has hope and is able to get through hard times. The thoughts in orange came after the video.

I thought they were pretty great!

Later in the day my students decided they wanted to write a play about a homeless family!  So we got right to it.  They have now written the play and will be creating the set backgrounds this week.   Later this month they will be performing it for their parents.  They've also decided to sell tickets to their parents to raise money for a local homeless shelter!! AND this is why I love my job!  Children are beautiful little people. 

****Update*****  The play was AMAZING and my little guys raised $26.00 for our local Food Bank!