Do your munchkins have BURNING Questions they are dying to know the answer to? I have the solution...

Room 2 is exploring once again! We have begun to look at our burning questions which will soon lead us into some interesting research.  Right now we are at the beginning stages and are just learning about what a burning questions is. We created this anchor chart to help us decide where we will find our answers:

Two years ago I had my students select a question that they always wanted to know the answer to.  We called them burning questions which they seemed to get a kick out of! They used books and the internet to find the answer and then they published their work.  I wish I had taken photographs because the results were amazing!! One student asked the question, "Why do we have tonsils?". His published piece was so cute, he wrote it inside of a giant mouth.  Other students did similar things.  For example, if their question was about outer space, they published their work on a planet.

One thing I found when doing this project with the students was that they had trouble with the organization piece.  SOOOO... 2 years later I have attempted to fix the problem (now I was on maternity leave for that year in between so I do have a good excuse!).

Here is my solution:

Here are some more pics:

 This is my exploratory research booklet for burning questions.  I will be doing this little project with my students some time in the next few weeks so I can post pics of how their final products turn out but for now if you are interested in this booklet you can get it here!

Eleven more weeks until summer break!!! Not that I am counting or anything....when do you start your summer break?