Amazing Classroom Reveal: Using a Cricut for Classroom Decor

For years I have drooled over the classroom photos on pinterest (and I still do). There are so many talented teachers our there with an eye for design. You often see fancy lettering and shapes in these classrooms that look like they spent hours meticulously cutting out each letter. I'm not sure how long it was before I realized that these letters were actually cut with a machine! This blog post features the classroom of the talented Mrs. Richardson from @ReadWriteRichardson on instagram.

Read on to see the rest of her amazing classroom! I guarantee you will want all.the.things!

Create a Choose Your Own Adventure Story with Google Forms

Create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Story with Google Forms

Does anyone remember the old chapter books in the Choose Your Own Adventure series? Readers would get to a certain point in the story and then have to choose the ending they preferred (Does the princess marry the prince?Does the hero find the treasure?).

Well, now you can create stories like this for your classroom....

Must Have Chapter Book Series for Grades 4 to 6

I see this questions ALL of the time in my Facebook group: "Which book series should I buy for my classroom library?"

There are tons of lists online that you can find but you never know if actual children like those books or if they just happen to be selling well at the time. I also find that from year to year some book sets are read less often depending on the group of students I have. So I took a combination of the most loved book series in my classroom as well as series that other teachers have recommended and compiled the list for you here:

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I am always on the hunt for engaging sets of books for my classroom. I tend to buy books that come in series because I find that once a students loves a book they want to read more and of course I want to encourage that love of reading.

You can click on any of the images or titles and it will take you to the series.

The first book series I want to recommend is a personal favorite, my students LOVE this series and my own daughter has read the entire series a few times (and there are many books in this series!).

The 39 Clues:

This next one started to get popular with my girls near the end of the year. I don't own them but I'm adding them to my collection for this coming school year because they were so into the book:

The I Survived Series: This is an easy read but high interest fictional series that is based on historical events like the sinking of the Titanic or 911. 

Harry Potter continues to be a popular series:

Amulet: This is a very popular graphic novel series. My students were constantly reading my copies and also had some signed out of the library.

This is another series that I don't own but I am adding to my collection due to the popularity of them among my students:

This series is super interesting with a Lemony Snickets sort of vibe. My students weren't interested in reading this book series until I read the first chapter to them. The cover didn't appeal to we had a good lesson on "Don't judge a book by its cover":

This series has continued to grow in popularity!

This one is a more common set of books but in case you are new and hadn't heard of will have many students that love this series:

Any junior book series list would be incomplete if it didn't mention the Wimpy Kid series:

I hope you were able to get some great ideas to add to your classroom library! Happy shopping, youre students will love you! Let me know if you have any more tried and true book series suggestions. You can add them to the comments or send me a message so I can add them to the list.

Update Your Sight Word Assessment Routine with this Digital Sight Word Tool

At the beginning of the year I do a variety of one on one assessments with my students so I can get to know them better as a learner and to help me plan my lessons and centers. Sight word assessments are a quick way to figure out which words or word patterns your students are struggling with. In the past I used a paper checklist and either flash cards or just a list of words that my students would read from. When I was finished with all of the sight word assessments I would have to grade the checklists and search through all the papers to figure out which sight words most of the students found challenging.

Not any more!

Read on to find out why...