Document Camera Review: IPEVO

Sunday, 20 May 2018
I was contacted by a company called IPEVO to review their document camera and it couldn't have come at a better time since the one in my classroom was broken. When they asked me to review the document camera I told them that I would but only under the understanding that I would be very honest in my review. They agreed and shipped the camera to me.

I want to disclose that I am in no way making a commission from the sale of these document cameras, I'm not an affiliate and I will make no profit from them if you purchase one.

Read on for my review!

Getting Started with a Classroom Economy and Class Money

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Guest Blog Post from Mr. Create Dream Explore:

Are you looking for an engaging idea to build into math talks? Maybe you are looking for something you can use to assess learning skills, responsibility or character development.  As a new-ish teacher I have been looking for all the above and have found it in a place that I never realized I would find it:  money.  Here is the path I followed to realizing the myriad of ways I could use money as a teaching tool in my classroom.

This post contains affiliate links for which I will receive a small commision if you click through and make a purchase:

             I was approaching my first full year substitute job with a lot of nervous excitement and was trying desperately to organize my ideas related to managing my classroom.  Since I had a split grade class (grades 4 and 5), I figured that a good first step might be to give students jobs to do around the room.  After a nice and productive class meeting the first week, we had a list of jobs for everyone that we would rotate through each week. Jobs ranged from organizing our coats and boots to watering classroom plants and being the kid who gets to run things down to the office when necessary. I wanted to add an incentive for the students to actually do their jobs so I decided I would pay them for doing their jobs each week.

How to Use Google Forms in the Classroom

Saturday, 28 April 2018
It's no secret that I am in love with Google Suite for Education. We use Google apps in my classroom everyday and multiple times a day. One of my favorite Google Suite tools is Google Forms. There are so many applications for its use. I've listed my favorite ways to use it below.

How to Use Google Forms in the Classroom:

1. For assessment tracking. Google Forms has an option to create a rubric style question (it's called multiple choice grid). I use google forms for every single one of my assessments. It's so easy to go through and just click the buttons and then add in a comment. I have mine set up using the docAppender add on which allows me to send the form response directly to a google doc for each student. Then you can just print the docs off to send home or share the doc with parents. In my case I have one doc called "assessment" for each student. It's shared with the student so they can check their rubrics as soon as I have them marked. Here's a sample of one of my assessment forms.

Using Google Suite Tools for Stop Motion Animation

Sunday, 8 April 2018
If your district has adopted Google for Education then you might be looking for new and innovative ways to use these tools. I was at a Google Summit this weekend and learned this neat trick for creating stop motion animation. I know my students will love this!

You need access to Google Keep and Google Photos to make this work but if your students have G Suite then they should have access to these. By the way have you ever used Google Keep? I use it every week for my grocery list and it's shared with my hubster because he does the shopping. I love that if I forgot something I can add it to the list and he gets the updated list in real time so I don't have to send him 50 million texts with the things I forgot to add to the list.

Okay back to stop motion animation....