Video Quizzes that Work with Google Classroom!

So last year I was introduced to this amazing tech tool and I want to share it with you too! You're going to love it! This web tool will allow you to use video in your classroom in a more engaging and interactive way. Read on to find out what it is and how it works!

Hold Students Accountable For the Video They Watch:

So this classroom web tool is called Ed Puzzle and it allows you to use just about any video available on the web to make into an interactive video quiz! AMAZING! This means that if you want to have students watching a video at a center or station you have an easy way to hold them accountable for what they are watching.

Check out my video demonstration of Ed Puzzle below:

What I love about Ed Puzzle:

-It integrates with Google Classroom so that you can send assignments to your students easily.

-You can crop videos to make them shorter if you only want a small clip.

-You can add multiple choice or open response questions for students.

-You can make a voice over.

-You can add a voice note to point out important things you want students to take note of.

-It's super easy to use!

-You can share the video quizzes you've made with colleagues which makes splitting up work easy and saves everyone time!

-There are thousands of videos available with quizzes already made up!

-You can use it differentiate work for students by changing the level of difficulty of the quizzes.

If you didn't already, watch the video above or bookmark it for later so you can check this web tool to use in your classroom!
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