Build Your Dream Community! Product Swap!

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking part in a product swap with several fellow Teachers Pay Teachers sellers.

The product I reviewed was for Beach Teacher from the blog Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun!

She has a blog that just makes you want to go for a dip. Seriously, go check out the fun sparkly blue water on her blog!

I was able to choose any product from her store to review and I picked, "My Dream Community": An Urban Planning Project. My students were learning about communities and also about mapping so this was the perfect product for us.  I used her product for an assessment task so my students could show me what they knew! There is even a rubric included which saved me a bunch of time.

The first thing I noticed was that she has included a ton of different buildings for students to include in their final product. My students enjoyed being able to decide which buildings best suited their community. Below is a sample of what some of the buildings look like. 

She has also included a handy urban planner for students to work through as they plan out their dream community. I liked that it gave them some structure to follow but there was still also a lot of freedom of choice for what they would include. My students particularly enjoyed coming up with unique names for the places in their student included "The National Museum of Minecraft"!

Before they began in their urban planners we did a brainstorming chart that included all of the things that we thought might be important to include in our community.  That part was like a review for my students because we had already spent a couple weeks learning about communities and building our knowledge.

Once their planners were completed I had my students do a layout for their community.  We talked about what the roads should look like and how a real urban planner might lay out the roads.  This resource has some websites included as well that you can visit prior to the lessons for your own review or with your students.


The student below even included a round about (they have become very popular in our city the last few years). 

Below are some of the completed products:

Don't they look great?!!!

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And even better yet, she has this product bundled together with one called Community Detective and that one is also on sale for 25%! What a steal! Click here to check out her bundle.

Beach Teacher (Ellen) also reviewed my 3D Geometry Bundle and you can read about it on her blog here.  My bundle is also on sale 25% off from March 20-21! 

Happy Shopping!

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