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Breakout Games in the Classroom

I'm sure by now you have heard of the latest group outing craze "Escape Rooms". If you haven't, it's basically a room that you get locked into with a group of people. In the room there are clues that you need to find and sort out to help you unlock more clues that will eventually help you escape. You get a certain time limit to figure out all of the clues to help you. This latest craze has now entered the classroom! Read on to hear about the benefits of breakout games in the classroom and how I use this tool with my students.

No More Grading! Self-Grading and Self-Checking Math Warm-Ups!

Guys, I am so excited about this resource I have been using for the last month! Like many of you, my time is precious. I am a busy mom to 3 children in sports and a classroom teacher. I also blog here at Create Dream Explore, create my own resources, and occasionally I like to have time to watch Netflix (OITNB for the Win!). I like to be efficient and save time any way that I can. So when I discovered how to create self-grading and self-checking math warm-ups I jumped at the chance! No more stacks of paper, no more sitting on the couch and marking at all hours of the night, and best of all my students get instant feedback and so do I! Click the read more button to check out how I do this!

Classroom Technology Storage Hack

I feel like I just won a million dollar home reno after using a dish drying rack for the last 2 years to store my classroom technology like my chromebooks and ipad minis. And charging station? That was a total disaster. This is a serious upgrade from what I previously had. It was so bad there are no pictures in existence of it and I photograph EVERYTHING! I couldn't be happier with this new set up. Click the read more button to find out how I set this up in my classroom!
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Improve Student Writing with Bold Beginnings, Mighty Middles and Excellent Endings

Are your students having trouble adding interest to their writing? Does their writing all sound the same? Is it missing a hook? Missing an organized middle? Do they write, "THE END" to let the reader know they're finished? Keep reading to find out how to help your students take their writing from drab to FAB! 

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