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Why I Still Celebrate Halloween in the Classroom

In today's diverse classrooms we need to be careful and cognizant of the fact that not everyone celebrates Halloween. I have taught at schools where we were not allowed to do any Halloween themed activities as well as some schools where we were allowed to as long as we toned it down and also celebrated holidays from other cultures. Read on to find out why I still include Halloween as a celebration in my classroom:

An Easy Activity to Promote Growth Mindset

I love to start the year with Peter H. Reynold's books like The Dot and Ish. Both books are great for teaching kids that it is okay to take risks and make mistakes. Those books also go very well with this growth mindset activity we worked on. Read on to find out how this activity worked out in my classroom.

Fun Activities for Teaching the Doubles Strategy

Mental math skills are integral to our daily lives and as such we should be teaching them to our students. Knowing their doubles facts is a key component in being able to use a variety of mental math strategies such as doubles plus or minus one, two, or three. If you have never used the doubles strategy before and aren't sure of how it can help students, consider this: "I know that 10 + 12 = 22, because I know that 10 + 10 = 20 so I just add on 2 more".  Before children can learn the doubles mental math strategies, however, they need to master their doubles facts. Read on for some fun activities for teaching the doubles facts and mental math strategies.

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